ruby on rails, postgresql, coffeescript
Chicago-based startup developing SaaS scheduling, CRM, and studio management software for leisure class providers. Developed Ruby on Rails application with the help of countless gems, test driven development, and my CoFounder/Designer.

ruby on rails, web design
FreeDogScore is a revolution in dog assessment technology. This groundbreaking SaaS provides dog owners with quantitative analysis techniques once only avaliable to large scale dog corporations.

php, mysql, codeigniter
Changing the way soccer moms book yoga, one class at a time. ClassFill provides a name-your-price online marketplace for leisure classes in Chicago. Developed in PHP using CodeIgniter as a framework with some fun libraries such as jsrender.

Playing games with Epidemiology

ruby on rails, ios, hadoop
Modeling the spread of diseases through real contact graphs generated by usage of a iOS based mobile phone game. Used developing technologies and ideas in epidemiology to add fine-grain detail to a high level field. Developed Ruby on Rails web interface and API for mobile phone and hadoop components thanks to a wonderful team and strong support from our advisor. Awarded Best in Track Fall 2012.


locomotive cms, ruby on rails
Designed and implemented website for local chapter of national sustainability organization. Leveraged LocomotiveCMS to ensure maintainability of website down the road. Graphic work thanks to Christina Noonan.

ESW@iit - Sustainability Week 2011

html5, jquery
Homepage and homebase for week long celebration of sustainability. First serious design project.

jQuery Color Field

coffeescript, opensource
It's nice to color code stuff, but it should only add to the users experience. This plugin is an attempt at a sublte method for closing the gap between the entity the color is related to and the selection of that color. Work in progress.


warning, PDF: resume as of 4/23/2014